The Ingredients

Some of the main ingredients used

A good pizza can only come from good ingredients.

Mozzarella cheese: pure fior di latte mozzarella, straight from Campania, from the Dairy La Luciana in Salerno.

Buffalo Mozzarella: DOP (Protected Designation of Origin)

Lard: Colonnata IGP Lard (Protected Geographical Indication), pure pork product obtained from salting and subsequent aging of the dorsal fat layer in Carrara marble basins. Typical product from the village of the same name, Colonnata, in the municipality of Carrara in the province of Massa Carrara.

Raw ham: Parma raw ham aged 22 months with IGP recognition and particular care in its preparation along with a long aging process that gives the ham depth and sweetness.

Flour: organic stone-ground Italian type “1” flour, with whole grain seeds. The stone grinding lets the grain of wheat remain intact, thus increasing the presence of fibre, protein, etc. compared to more “traditional” flours.

Speck: Alto Agide IGP speck (raw cured bacon) is a South Tyrolean cured meat specialty. It is made from a fully boned ham that is slightly smoked, characteristic of the South Tyrol territory in Italy. It is protected by the European Union with IGP recognition.

Tomato sauce: I only use tomatoes originating from and produced in Italy